How to receive notification when a SSH connection established

1. Set all ssh account to use bash shell by default , /etc/passwd
2. Make sure that you have install exim or postfix or any other email tool to send mail
3. Edit /etc/bash.bashrc , and the below lines

echo 'Date:' `date` $'\n'WhoAmI: `whoami` \
     $'\n'Who:  $'\n'"`who`" \
     $'\n'Netstat:  $'\n'"`netstat -nt | grep EST`" \
     $'\n'Process:  $'\n'"`ps -aux`" \
| mail  -aFrom:[email protected] -s "Security Alert: SSH Access(`hostname -s`)" [email protected]

This script will send the following info : Date , WhoAMI, who , netstat, processlist

4. Test (1) Copying the above code in your shell and run , make sure that you receive the email (2) Login to the server from a different window.

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