As you know we can use the variable in some of the format such as : [[variable]]$variable${variable} When upgrading to v10.3.1 , i realize that the variable __interval_ms can’t be used as [[__interval_ms]] , we need to to use it as $__interval_ms as [[]] is going to be depreciated soon, it’s recommended to use the new format. If you have old dashboard and it’s not displaying correctly, check the variable.Read More →

Let say you have a load balancer with few thousand sites, the load balancer keeps track the response time from the backend server. Your log is saved in Splunk. Now, the application team comes to you and ask the site performance in the last 30 days. You think it’s easy, yes, when you start with last hour , the results come out within a minute. But when you do last 30 days, it’s a such a pain because the data is too large. Since last one hour seems to be OK, why don’t we dump that result data into some other faster database? Since it’sRead More →

When i use Datadog to collect tracer/span in our PHP , i realize that Datadog library does not collect the client IP address. I don’t know what the reason behind this, but not having the client IP is very hard to troubleshoot the issue. After a while i figured out the way to hack the code. The hack is to modify this file /opt/datadog-php/dd-trace-sources/bridge/_generated.php This is my modification – check the line #================My Customize codeRead More →

Just imagine, you have an application that is using Jaeger as the backend, but now you want to switch to SignalFX. This is do able. Below is the steps Install SignalFX Agent:SignalFX Agent is used to collect your host info such as memory and cpu,network … it uses collectd for this purpose. Signalfx Agent also can act as a collector for Jaeger client via GRPC. Installing Signalfx Agent is not difficult, follow their current instruction from your account. To make it easy for you i will share my configuration The important line is “- type: jaeger-grpc” this line will turn smartagent as a collector, itRead More →