Having some spare time during Christmas, i spent sometime to install Redhat on my Imac 2011.

I followed this guides: https://www.mimiz.fr/install-rhel7-virtualbox-macos.html

It’s very straight forward, you don’t need to read all, but you might face some challenges like me. My issue was with internet connection, i do not have internet after the installation. It turned out that i haven’t turned on the network during the installation. To fix this i have to do this manually by run this command:

ifup enp0s3

In order to install additional software, we normally use yum utility to install. Redhat require us to register with their subscription manager, it’s free. See at the bottom of the article to see how we can subscribe and start installing new software.

When we try to install some softwares, we might be asked for subscription –  you need to register an account with Redhat – then register using the command below:

subscription-manager list –available

(you will see a poolid , put it in the command below)

subscription-manager attach –pool=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx