Apple Wired USB Mouse – does not scroll up or down – need a clean

Buying an old gadget is not always the best choice, but if you have to there is almost something that you need to do to make it better.

I got an old Apple Wired USB mouse, it works perfectly except it’s hard to scroll up or down. It’s a little bit annoyance. I tried to see what’s inside, but it looks very difficult to open, there is no screw. I think they use glue to stick the parts. Google a little bit, so i see some tricks to make it work.

Most of them suggest to use a paper towel, turn the mouse upside down and move around. In my case, it improves a little bit but it’s still hard to use. There is one comment advised not use alcohol, some other suggest to use it. After some tries without alcohol without success, i tried it with Alcohol. I put a little Alcohol on a little pice paper tower, turn the mouse upside down and scroll for some minutes. It’s amazing, the mouse is working again like new.


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