I had a samsung J7, it’s in the drawer for many months. today i tried to charge it, there was no sign it’s charging. i changed many cables , i thought the battery is dead. Luckily i have its original charger adapter + cable , i connected it to the phone , the phone starts up . i don’t know if there is any difference between the original charger and other compatible charger. Hope it help you in some cases.Read More →

Hi Buddy, I can’t open “Settings” on my Iphone any more, a client came to me with her IPhone 4 and said that. OK, i took her Iphone, open the Settings , it flashed and went away immediately, i did this several times. Well, as usual i do some trouble steps: 1. Restart the iphone = > not working 2. Hard reset by holding Home Button + Sleep Button , phone reboot but still could not get into the Settings 3. Let do a backup – connect to Itunes and do a Backup – > this step is necessary when we there is a chanceRead More →

A gentleman came to me with his Iphone and asked for help, his iphone didn’t rotate automatically when he changed Iphone orientation. He said that he had done something with the setting, now he could not find it. I don’t remember it too , i go to General -> Settings , there is no option to change there. I did a little google search, and found the way to fix. It’s simple , just swipe up your phone, you will see the option there. Remember that not every application can change the orientation, some just use portrait , some use landscape only.Read More →

When you encounter this error message on your Samsung or any Android device: “Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped.”. This could be that your Download Manager was disabled. Try to enable it to see if it works. Here are the steps to enable Download Manager on Samsung / Android: Settings -> More -> Application Manager -> All , scroll down and look for Download ManagerRead More →