Backup your Photos with FlickrUploader

Flickr is a very popular web hosting service used by many people to store photos and videos, as well as share them with others. However, it is not particularly easy to upload entire photo collections, unless you find the right application to help you out.
Flickr Uploader is a fairly simple utility that can send all your photos and videos to a Flickr account automatically, and is also capable of creating albums based on folder names.

Easy-to-use tool that allows you to start uploading in seconds

First and foremost, you need to select the folder you wish to backup and specify whether or not both photos and videos should be uploaded. You can also choose to hide them from public searches and make them visible only to your family or friends.
After that is done, the Flickr login screen is opened in your browser, and you are required to provide your credentials and authorize the application to upload files.

Smart utility that filters files and creates albums automatically

Naturally, your photo collection is likely to be stored in various directories, so you should be pleased to learn that Flickr Uploader can create albums automatically based on subfolder names.
Moreover, the application detects file formats that are not supported by Flickr and skips these items automatically, while also informing the user when such an action is taken.

User-friendly program that would benefit from a built-in progress tracker

When you begin uploading files to Flickr, the application opens a command-line window and displays a detailed log of all operations within it. This report is also saved to a TXT file and can be consulted later.
However, some users may wish to be able to track the progress of the upload process from within the main application window.
Flickr Uploader is a relatively straightforward program designed to help you upload your photos and videos to Flickr. On the whole, it does its job well, and enables you to backup entire collections with very little effort.
Download FlickrUploader   You need to signup a Yahoo Flickr Account before using this tool. It’s free.

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