Features to Evaluate When Choosing Monitoring Products

  • Are both static and dynamic thresholds available?
  • Can you combine static and dynamic thresholds?
  • Are thresholds configured out of the box?
  • Are there AIOps capabilities such as root-cause diagnosis and event filtering and correlation?
  • Once set up it is it transparent to the operator what the metrics are and why they have been set I.e., can your frontline support understand why alerts are being triggered
  • What ITSM service and help desk tool (e.g., ServiceNow, JIRA, Autotask) integrations are available? Once thresholds trigger alerts how do you intend to manage the IT issues they have highlighted?
  • Can metrics be aggregated – e.g., an alert triggered if 30% of a cluster of web servers goes down vs. an individual server.
  • Can components and their associated alerting thresholds be excluded from triggering alerts temporarily during deployment or for maintenance?

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