Guardicore: the last stand

I recently upgraded my python to newer version and realized that my script to connect one Mongo DB server not working.
Here are some of the steps that i did:

  • Switch back to old version , it works
  • Checking firewall logs, there is no logs
  • Using telnet to open that port – i got connection refused error. What the heck? if the connection is refused, why my old python version works?
  • This only happens to only one server only , other server is fine
  • We use certificate to authenticate, i changed all certificate setting but it didn’t work.
  • Is it my pymongo version? i downgraded pymongo to the same version i have with old python, still not work
  • trying to use tcpdump , no traffic reporting to tcpdump , it’s weird
  • After spending almost a day to do all kind of network/library/logs ,
    i almost had no hope. Luckily, while checking some logs, i see that there are some traffic blocked from guardicore logs. It turned out that we have guardicore installed in my server and guardicore blocked it.
    The more stuff you installed, the more trouble.

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