InnoDB restore from crash machine.

My OS crash today and i had to reinstall mysql server. I am using Windows 2003 (quite old  😉
There are a few things happen when i reinstall the mysql , and it happens at the “instance” configuration step.

1. Canot find my-template.ini ,

=> Fix: copy my-template.ini to bin/ directory

2. Can not start service

It’s because the mysql path in Services is not correct : C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Cluster 5.5\bin\bin\mysqld” –defaults-file=”H:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Cluster 5.5\bin\my.ini”  MySQL

=> open registry , go to HKLM \ System\Current Control Set1\ Services

Locate mysql , and update the path

=> Try to restart , if you still can not start it , delete 2 files ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1

3. I moved all my folders in my old “data” mysql to new location, but only MyIsam table is OK, all Innodb table is disappear.

I copy ibdata1 from my old sql server to new server – and it fixed.

(Remember to check the old my.ini  , check this parameter “innodb_data_home_dir=”H:/MySQL Datafiles/”

– If you change this parameter in the new my.ini , make sure that you copy the  “ibdata1” in your old “innodb_data_home_dir” to your new “innodb_data_home_dir”

PS: MyISam table is easy to recover , just copy the folder and it will work everywhere , InnoDB is on the other end,  it’snot easy to recover.

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