Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Page Number not displayed

Today, i just had interesting case, a client came to me and asked me why she could not insert  page number into her powerpoint slide. Well, i thought it was easy. I sat down at her desk, open the Powerpoint slide, click on Insert -> Slide Number , nothing happened. I checked the Slide Layout, open the Slide Master, yeah, this Layout does not have page number on its footer. I added it to the slide master, go back to my normal view, nothing happened, i selected Reset Slide, the slide became messy, but there was still not page number there. What’s going on here… i created a new slide and used the same layout, i saw the page number there. So this means, the old slide didn’t apply the new change. Continuing googling, it turned out that i had to open the slide, click Insert -> Header Footer , and select Page Number. Bingo… it’s there. So my tips is, if you don’t see page number / date and time in your slide , you should do the following things:

  • Make sure that your Layout Template (Master Slide) contains page number – if it doesnt , insert it or copy from a default template that has the page number.
  • Go back to your normal page, click on Insert -> Header/Footer , check on Page Number

Hope it help.

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