I just got a free PS3 from Marketplace. The owner said it’s not in working condition. I brought it home and tried to see what’s wrong with it. The PS3 powered on, everything looks normal, internet is good. I started to play a game, the screen just went black and i had to hard rebooted it. I did try many games , they all went to black. Again, i googled and they suggest me to go to recovery mode to rebuild database, filesystem, even restore the whole system, it didn’t help.

I know PS3 can be jailbreak , so i watched some video how to jailbreak it , i finally follow this video to jailbreak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eckd06nFReY , it’s a straight forward. everything went well, after i jailed break, i was still not be able to play games.

The next step was to install this custom firmware https://www.psx-place.com/threads/4-87-ofw-released-cfw-homebrew-exploits-updates-for-4-87.31957/

I first tried with CFW (https://www.psx-place.com/threads/cfw-4-87-2-evilnat-cobra-cex.32057/page-10#post-270253 ) or https://mega.nz/folder/VZ8HUCgJ#pEBDIjNVsJDwA3iANTA_5A

After installing the CFW, i installed https://store.brewology.com/multiman.php

After that i tried to launch Multiman, the screen is still black , i had no glue now.

I read some articles on internet saying if the blueray is not working, it could cause the black screen issue. I went back to this CFW https://mega.nz/folder/VZ8HUCgJ#pEB DIjNVsJDwA3iANTA_5A , they have a firmware for no blu-bray (CFW 4.87.2 Evilnat Cobra [CEX] [noBD].rar) , i downloaded it and installed the firmware again.

After replacing the firmware with No Blu-ray , i launched Multiman again , it worked perfectly , i tried some other games as well. It worked.

So, if you are having a black screen whenever playing any game, the high chance is that your blu ray is not working. You need to jail break , install custom firmware without blu-ray.

When you jailbreak , you can download a lot of games from internet from torrent sites.

Btw, since the blu-ray is not working, i took it out completely. this reduce the heat a lot.