Login portal.azure.com , click on Resources Graph and run this query: resourcecontainers | where type == ‘microsoft.resources/subscriptions/resourcegroups’ | project name, id,subscriptionId,tags |project-rename rg_name=name,rg_id=id,rg_tags=tags | join kind=inner ( resourcecontainers | where type == ‘microsoft.resources/subscriptions’ | project name,subscriptionId,tenantId,tags | project-rename sub_tags=tags ) on subscriptionIdRead More →

Upgrading my container image from PHP7 to PHP8.2.4 , all the ext library seems the same, but when my ldap_bind function failed on php8 .Warning: ldap_bind(): Unable to bind to server: Can’t contact LDAP server in This is the fix RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libldap-commonRead More →

I have some troubles with email sent from Splunk with some Alerts, debugging this takes a lot of time, i have to wait for the alert to trigger and check the log. Then i thought, is there anyway i can send mail immediately when i do a search instead of waiting for the alert triggered. Fortunately, the solution is already there : the sendemail command. * | top 5 host | sendemail to=”[email protected]” sendresults=true inline=true My thought: we just need to thing about a different way to do our daily routine, there will be a better way to do it.Read More →

I build a docker image, everything runs well on my dev machine. But when i deploy the images to my other machine, some services in the container was not able to start. The services starts by using /etc/init.d/script , when i troubleshoot the script i see the script stop at this command Not sure what “test -x ” is , i google and found that : -x is the same as setting xtrace with the -o option to bash. So it gave me some hints to find where the root cause, it looks like we can’t run xtrace , i re-run my container with this option to enable xtraceRead More →

When we configure inputs.exec , your program/bash script must have exit code 0. If it’s not 0 , telegraf will not send the metrics. This is an example , i have a bash file which will run 10 small scripts myscripts.sh /scripts/file1.sh/scripts/file2.sh/scripts/file3.sh/scripts/file9.sh/scripts/file10.sh Telegraf will run my scripts.sh , the last script file10.sh is very important, if this script does not exit 0 , the entire stack will not send any metrics. There is a trick , we can add exit 0 at the end of the myscripts.sh /scripts/file1.sh/scripts/file2.sh/scripts/file3.sh/scripts/file9.sh/scripts/file10.shexit 0Read More →