DJI Battery (Ronin,Macvic Air..) battery not working

I just just bought a used Ronin M today, the owner said he had not used it for long time. I thought everything should be good. When i got home and tried to charge, nothing showing up on the battery.

I googled and found that many people having the same issues after putting the device in storage for long time.

What’s the root cause?

– DJI battery is smart battery , it comes with a board on it, you can turn the battery on and off from the battery it self.
– The battery board control how the battery charge and provide power to your device.
– The battery board will check if your battery is good or bad based on the input it receives from the cells. When the input voltage is too low, battery board will consider that your battery cell is not good and it will not let the charge happen by activating a flag in the board. Once is flag is on, it will be permanent. Even if you can charge the battery directly to increase the voltage or replacing the cell, the board still think your battery is bad.

How to fix this?
– You need to have special board to connect to the battery and use a software to clear the flag. You can search for the board EV2400.
– After resetting the flag, you still got the error, you need to replace the cell and clear the flag again.

My thought?

– DJI seems not providing enough information to customers about storing battery for long time in storage.
– The smart battery should have a switch on the battery to reset the flag as not everyone have skills to reset the battery using the software.
– DJI should provide free service to reset battery in this situation if they dont have a self service solution.

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