Web automation – is it easy?

Well, your quick answer could be yes, it’s pretty simple. All you need is to a little Selenium experience. We’ll that’s correct when you start with some simple stuff, click on this , fill some text , hit submit , then you are done.

But when you are actually working on a project, things are not as simple as your first test. In order to automate a task, you need know how to get the object , either based on css/xpath/id . If you are lucky, these fields are not changed you can use it again, but if these are dynamic you must put more effort.

After you found the object, the object must be visible on the screen.

After you do an action on an object, you expect something change on the screen, then you need to wait … the waiting time is also a challenge, if you wait too long, your script will be long as well, if you wait too short the next coming object might not be available.

There are also a lot of exception could happen. If there are many changes in your flow but you miss some case, your automation will fail.

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