Cloudflare use several methods to detect if it’s a human or a bot:– SSL order – there is a different in the SSL library between a normal browser like Chrome with other tool like curl – – If the IP source comes from a data center or residential address– The user agentRead More →

1. SQLServer: Buffer Manager: Buffer cache hit ratioThe buffer cache hit ratio counter represents how often SQL Server is able to find data pages in its buffer cache when a query needs a data page. The higher this number the better, because it means SQL Server was able to get data for queries out of memory instead of reading from disk. You want this number to be as close to 100 as possible. Having this counter at 100 means that 100% of the time SQL Server has found the needed data pages in memory. A low buffer cache hit ratio could indicate a memory problem.Read More →

As you know we can use the variable in some of the format such as : [[variable]]$variable${variable} When upgrading to v10.3.1 , i realize that the variable __interval_ms can’t be used as [[__interval_ms]] , we need to to use it as $__interval_ms as [[]] is going to be depreciated soon, it’s recommended to use the new format. If you have old dashboard and it’s not displaying correctly, check the variable.Read More →

I recently bought a used Canon 70-200mm F2.8 IS . The lens is in good condition, but it has an issue with auto focus. When you try to focus, you can see the focus ring spinning very fast, but it’s failed to focus , it seems only focus for object over 10mm  or it’s at infinity. After some research, it turn out that the issues was caused by a dirty focus sensor and focus bar.  Below are the 2 videos that will help you to fix that problem. I did it it’s half success – the focus is now working, but i damage a flexRead More →