Single sign-on with Chrome in Linux

If you are running on Linux machine and. every time you access to your corporate website , it asks you for the password , but this does not happen with your Windows machine. I have spent a lot of times to research on this and found that: Chrome supports some of these authentication method: Basic, NTLM , Negotiate with Kerberos and Certificate.

In this post, i will share how i pass the NTLM authentication by using a chrome extension.

Here are 2 files that i use to create the extension:

			return ;
        console.log("chrome.webRequest.onAuthRequired event has fired");
        return {
                authCredentials: {username: "username", password: "password"}


        "name": "Autologin Extension",
        "version": "1.0",
        "description": "Extension to handle Authentication window",
        "permissions": [
        "background": {
            "scripts": [
        "manifest_version": 2

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