Tascam 122 Cassette Deck – Play stop after 2s

Here is the symptom:
– You press play or forward or backward – it stops running after 2s.
– If you press pause, you can see the tape spinning as normal.

What could be the root cause:
This could be because of the tape end detection circuit. The way it detect the tape end is using the tape counter, if the tape counter not spinning, it will think that the tape ends.
How does it do that? Behind the tape counter, there is a magnetic ring, when this magnetic ring spinning, it turn on/off the circuit. If the magnetic not spinning, or it’s dropped out , the system will think that the tape ends.

How to fix:
– make sure that the belt to run the tape is in good condition, the tape counter should spin while we play. If it’s spinning , check if the magnetic ring is there, it’s a black ring in between plastic rings.
if the magnetic ring is there, check the alignment, if all seems good , it could be the counter assembly switch could be bad.

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